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How Much Does Medical Marketing Cost?

It’s the most common question we get from prospective medical marketing clients. How much is all this going to cost me? Too bad the question is a non-starter.  Because your medical marketing shouldn’t cost you anything. If you need new … Continued

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Medical Marketing Pacemaker

There is one myth that persists in organization tackling online marketing. It’s the idea of the perpetual marketing machine.  Something you turn on and forget.  A strategy and set of tactics that will make the motion of marketing seem to … Continued

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Marketing the Medical Gimmick

As the rain pattered against my window, I yawned and decided to rejoice in a Sunday afternoon when I didn’t have to do anything.  I blithely grabbed the remote, turned on the tube and began to half watch what I … Continued

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Medical Marketing & Risky Behavior

Who do you think would be willing to invest in a medication that would cure lung cancer? People who are dying of lung cancer for sure.  Certain medical and pharmaceutical companies as well. But what about the cigarette companies?  The … Continued

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Spectators Vs Participants

Marketing is not a spectator sport.  You can’t sell tickets and make money just by getting people to show-up and watch. Instead, you have to ask the people you connect with to join your cause.  To believe what you believe.  … Continued

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Personalize Your Medical Blog

You probably know about the benefits of blogging for your medical practice online marketing.  You can reach your target audience with relevant content and improve your website SEO. Blogs are the central content hub for online marketing.  They are where … Continued

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Mind Over Matter

Magic Necklaces Clayton Everline was a 27 year old medical student at St. Michael’s Medical Center in Newark.  He’s convinced, as are many professional athletes, that Phiten necklaces improved energy and performance. “Every time I wear the necklace or another Phiten … Continued

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